Careers in Michigan for Young Adults

Mike Rowe


Creator of TV’s Dirty Jobs and Somebody’s Gotta Do It, trade advocate Mike Rowe talks to young adults about skilled trades.

Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing: Where you can make, or even break, things while earning a great living.


Welding: Want a career that sparks your ability to work outside the box? Discover welding.

Tool and Die: Want a career that's like putting LEGO® toys together while applying the latest software technologies? Check out tool and die.


Construction: Construction involves more than just wearing a hard hat. Building dreams takes both manpower and brainpower.


Healthcare: Working with science and people isn’t a thankless job. You—and your patients—will be thankful you chose a healthcare career.

Information Technology

Information Technology: Challenging and fast-paced, an IT career is your chance to go from web surfer to web designer.